Winter Racing

Sportspick Winter Racing Tipping Competition 2019

Details of Entry

1     Information on how to enter and prizes form part of these Terms and Conditions of Entry.
2     Entry into the Sportspick Race Tipping Competitions (“the Competitions”) is available to customers of a Registered Sportspick Venue (“Venue”) who have entered a Venue’s local race tipping competition conducted via a Sportspick Tipster Terminal. Such customers will automatically be entered into the Competitions unless they advise the Promoter in writing that they do not wish to participate. Entrants are entitled to one entry in the Competition at a Registered Venue. Entrants must be either a resident of Australia or New Zealand.
3     The Registered Sportspick Venue has discretion as to who can join the Competition.  Sportspick may elect to remove any entrant from the competition who does not comply with these terms and conditions of entry below;
(a) Visit a registered Sportspick Venue and obtain a "Sportspick Member Id" card at a registered venue;
(b) Select the Winter Racing button on the "Sportspick Tipping Terminal’ and submit all required information in the online fields where prompted and then place tip selections in either of the tipping competition options.(c) An entrant must register into the competition using their legal name to be eligible to win a Sportspick National Prize;  nick names and aliases will be deemed ineligible.
(d) An entrant must not submit tips on behalf of another entrant(s);
(e) An entrant must submit tips at the registered “Home Venue” in at least 50% of the competition rounds to be eligible to win a prize.
4     Registration into the Competitions commences on 9th May 2019 and, and closes the day that each Venue ceases to take entries into their Local Competition, but no earlier than 29th June 2019. The closing date for entries is 29th June, 2019.
5      Entry in to the Competition is free and is open to residents of Australia and New Zealand.
6      Subject to Clause 3, entry is open to persons over the age of 18* and such Entrants must adhere to State licensing regulations in relation to entering a licensed venue. Entry is not open to employees of Full House Group Pty Ltd, or agencies and companies associated with the conduct of the Competitions, and the immediate family of any such employees.

The Tipping Competition

7   The Tipping Competition is a cumulative points’ competition conducted over eight (8) QLD Saturday race meetings. Upon registration, all entrants are automatically entered into the Sportspick Winter Racing Tipping Competition.
8    In each round tipping will be conducted on 5 nominated races from meeting in each respective round; with each round occurring on the following dates:

Round 1   Saturday 11th May 2019    Doomben
Round 2   Saturday 18th May 2019    Doomben
Round 3   Saturday 25th May 2019    Doomben
Round 4   Saturday 1st June 2019     Sunshine Coast
Round 5   Saturday 8th June 2019     Doomben
Round 6   Saturday 15th June 2019   Ipswich TC
Round 7   Saturday 22nd June 2019   Doomben
Round 8   Saturday 29th June 2019   Sunshine Coast

9     The 5 nominated races for each round will be displayed on the terminals as an entrant submits tips. Sportspick will determine which 5 races will be displayed for tipping in each round.
10    Entrants will be asked to make a selection in each of the 5 nominated races that constitute a competition round. 
an entrant’s selections for a round must be placed prior to the running of the first nominated race for that round on the Sportspick terminal/kiosk at any participating registered Sportspick venue. In the event that a venue ceases to conduct its own local race tipping competition, Entrants from that Venue will be able to place selections at any other participating Venue for the purposes of the Sportspick Winter Racing Competition prize pool.
11    Entrants can only place one set of selections per round for each entry in the Competition registered in accordance with condition 2.
12    For the purposes of the Competition a dead heat for first place is regarded as a winner.
13    In the event that an Entrant fails to make selections for a round that Entrant will automatically be credited with the default selections.  The default selections will be the number 1 saddlecloth horse in each race.  If number 1 has been scratched Entrants will be credited with number 2 continuing until they have a runner in the race.  Any Entrant that fails to lodge tips for a round will receive the default selections and can only receive a maximum of 10 points for that meeting.  An Entrant that fails to make selections for a round is ineligible to win the Weekly Prize for that round but will accumulate their winning points for the purposes of an End of Season Prize.  An Entrant that fails to make a selection in four (4) or more of the tipping rounds is ineligible to win an End of Season Prize.
14    If a selection is officially scratched after an Entrant’s selections have been made or if the Entrant makes an invalid selection, then the default selection for that race or races will be applied and the Entrant’s eligibility for a Weekly Prize or End of Season Prize will remain intact.
15    In the event that all nominated races in a round do not take place (abandoned or cancelled), then the round will be declared null and void and the Weekly Prizes for that round will jackpot to the next round.  No winning points will accumulate for any Entrants in respect of such a null and void round.
16    If a nominated race in a round is abandoned or cancelled after the running of the first tipping race in that round, that round will be deemed to be completed and all Entrant selections from that round will be deemed valid. The Weekly Prize will be won by the Entrant with the most points awarded for the completed races in that round; if no races are completed, then the weekly prize will jackpot to the next competition round.

Winner Per Race Meeting - The “Knockout” Competition

17     There will be a ‘Knockout’ Competition as a separate prize category as part of the in the Winter Racing Tipping Competition.  The Winner Per Meeting Competition is a Knockout competition which is calculated on ONE of the Entrant’s selections winning at each of the 8 race meetings (rounds).  If the Entrant selects at least one winner in round 1 they remain in the Competition.  If the Entrant fails to select a winner in round 1 they are eliminated from the Winner Per Meeting Knockout Competition.  This continues until only one Entrant remains in the Competition who will be declared the winner of the Winner Per Meeting - Knockout Competition.

Point Scoring System

18       Entrants will accrue points on the basis of a $1.00 each way (win and place) on their selection in each of the 5 races.  Points will have a direct correlation to the Victorian SuperTab dividends for each race.  For example:

If the Entrant has picked number 2 they accrue 6.5 points from this race (i.e. $1.00 the win and $1.00 the place). If the Entrant picks number 4 they accrue 3.00 points. If the Entrant picks number 6 they accrue 1.5 points. If the Entrant picks an unplaced runner they receive zero points. This system continues for each race for each meeting as scheduled.

Weekly Prizes

19    A Weekly Prize for the Competition will be awarded to the Entrant that accumulates the most points each of the 8 competition rounds.  8 x $200  Round Winner Prizes
20    Weekly Prize winners will each receive $200 cash.  In the event of tied scores, the prize will be divided evenly amongst those entrants with a tied high score.
21    If a Weekly Prize jackpots in accordance with condition 16, that prize will be added to the Weekly Prize awarded to the winner in that same category in the next round and the prize winner will receive $300.

End of Competition Prizes

Tipping Competition

22    At the conclusion of each section of the Competition, there will be End of Competition Prize winners for each of the respective sections:
a)     The Top 3 place getters in the competition; i.e. entrants that accumulated the top 3 cumulative points scores over the 9 rounds of the Competition; and
b)     The Entrant that selected the most race winners over the 9 rounds of the Competition.

The prizes for (a) above will be:

Winter Racing End of Competition:

1st Prize - $1000,   2nd Prize - $500,  3rd Prize - $300

The prize for (b) above will be:

1st Prize - $300

Determination of winners will take place at the offices of Full House Group Pty Ltd at 38 Fennell Street, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207 at 10:00am on Tuesday 2nd July 2019.

Knockout Competition

23     The last Entrant that remains in the Competition will win the following prizes; Knockout Competition :    1st Prize - $300

24    The total value of prizes to that can be won across the competition is $4,000.


Tie Breakers

25    In the event that there is a tie between two or more Entrants for either a Weekly or End of Season Prize, the  winner will be determined in the manner set out below for that prize 

Weekly Round Prize – Most Competition Points for a Round

The prize will be split evenly between the tied Entrants.        

End of Season Prizes - Most Winning Selections

In the event that entrants tie in selecting the same total of winners then the prize will be evenly divided by all winners.

End of Season Prizes - Most Accumulated Points over the 8 Competition Rounds

In the event that entrants tie in selecting the same accumulated tipping points’ total, then any cash prize(s) will be evenly divided by all qualified tied winners.  In the event that there is a tie for a non-cash component of the first prize, then the a non-cash Prize component will be determined by (a) a countback of the most number of winners selected over the 8 rounds.  In the event that entrants are still tied after (a), then (b) most 2nd place getters will be used; and if required (c) 3rd place getters will be used to determine one winner.  In the event that entrants remain tied after (a), (b), (c), then then entrant who was the first to register in the competition by placing a set of tips will be declared the winner of a non-cash component of the 1st prize.

Knockout Competition

In the event that all remaining Entrants in the Knockout Competition are eliminated in the same round, or if more that one Entrant remains at the end of a KO section, then the winner will be the Entrant with the highest cumulative points tally which will be determined as the highest points scored by a winning selection from each round.

26   The Promoter reserves the right to vary any of the Prizes to be won by Entrants at any time, subject to written directions from State Regulatory bodies. Such alternative prizes will not be of a lesser monetary value than that set out herein. 
27   Prize winners will be notified by mail via letter to the registered venue at which they have entered and a list of all prize winners will be published Friday 5st July 2019 on the Promoter’s website at and on the tipping terminals and score boards within the participating registered venues.
28    In the event of any unclaimed prizes, the next highest placed entrant in each, if any prize category will be allocated the unclaimed prize(s). This will be determined at 10:00am on July 21st, 2019 at the offices of Full House Group, 38 Fennell Street, Port Melbourne VIC 3207.
29    The winner(s) of any unclaimed prizes will be notified by mail and a list of all prize winners will be published in participating venues on the Sportspick Tipping Terminals and on the Promoter’s website at
30    Notwithstanding a person complying with these Terms and Conditions of Entry, the Promoter may refuse to accept or exclude any Entrant at any time. No responsibility is accepted for misdirected registrations or Entrant selections not included in the Competitions and the Promoter will not be liable for any claims or loss suffered as a result of exclusion of an Entrant or if any selections of an Entrant are not registered in the Competition for any reason.
31   The Promoter shall not be liable for any loss, damage or personal injury whatsoever which is suffered or sustained (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) as a result of taking a prize, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law.
32   Personal information of Entrants will be used for the purposes of determining winners of the Competition and will be entered into a database for use by the Promoter for future promotional, marketing or publicity purposes. By entering the Competition, Entrants consent to the use of their personal information in this manner unless such consent is otherwise withdrawn in writing. 
33   In the event that there is a dispute concerning the conduct of the Competition, the Promoter’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
34   The Promoter is Full House Group Pty Ltd, 38 Fennell Street, Port Melbourne, 3207. ABN No. 91 131 570 440