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Punters Challenge

Weekly Tipping

There's never been a better time to get in on the action.

Local Winners. National Champions.

SportsPick’s Punters Challenge is an exhilarating weekly race tipping competition that captivates the hearts of horse racing enthusiasts and casual punters alike. Every Saturday, participants can showcase their racing prowess by selecting winners from a curated list of races at a chosen race meet. Whether you're a seasoned punter or new to the race tipping scene, the Punters Challenge promises a fun and rewarding experience, all within the lively atmosphere of your favourite venue.

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What is Punters Challenge?

This is SportsPick’s weekly race tipping comp which gives horse racing enthusiasts the opportunity to pick a selected group of races from a chosen race meet on a Saturday. 

What is Punters Challenge Championship?

From Saturday 17th August, head to your participating SportsPick Punters Challenge venue and play in the local competition.

You’ll need a SportsPick account which you can create in the venue, or via the SportsPick app.

Win any SportsPick Punters Challenge local prize competitions and not only will you take home the weekly local cash prize, but you’ll also qualify for the national prize pool final. Details to come.

How do I play?

  1. Visit a Participating Venue
    Go to a venue that is participating in the SportsPick Punters Challenge.

  2. Obtain a Punters Challenge Code
    Get your special code at the venue to make your selections.

  3. Make Your Selections
    Pick your winners for the selected group of races.

Anything else that I need to know?

Venue-Specific Rules

Note that scoring systems and the number of winners can differ from venue to venue. It's important to check with your local venue for their specific rules.


The Punters Challenge is only available at participating SportsPick Venues that choose to operate this competition.

About Punters Challenge

Super 7 Races

A special event where participants try to tip all 7 winners from the Super 7 races.

Weekly Event

This competition is held every Saturday, offering a fun and quick way to compete among friends with all money distributed back to participants through the local prize pool.



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Dive into the excitement of the Punters Challenge, a thrilling weekly race tipping competition for horse racing fans.


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