Here's answers to some of the most common SportsPick queries.

Can I submit tips for multiple competition rounds in advance?

No.  You can only tip for the current round of a competition.  Sportspick is an in venue tipping promotion and tips must be submitted each week for a competition in the current round via the tipping terminal or mobile app in a registered venue.

Why can't I just tip online?

Sportspick is an in venue tipping promotion and tips must be submitted via the Sportspick terminal or mobile app in venues who conduct their pub and club tipping competitions through the Sportspick system.  You can tip online /outside of a venue (if registered on the website or mobile App) a maximum of 5 times for the AFL and NRL competitions in 2023.

What if my venue doesn’t have a local venue prize pool?

We encourage venues to collect cash from players to be redistributed as venue prize pools. If your venue doesn’t run a local prize pool on one of the competitions, ask them if they can organise one. It makes tipping a whole lot more interesting for everyone.  You can still tip in a competition where there is no local prize on offer for the Sportspick national prize pool.

Can I use my card at another venue if I go interstate?

If you have a Sportspick branded card it can be used at any venue.  If your home/local venue uses their own membership card for Sportspick tipping then you must tip at your home/local venue as non Sportspick branded member cards will not be accepted on Sportspick terminals outside the home/local venue.  Alternatively you can download the Sportspick App, complete the App sign up process and tip via the App 5 times outside your home/local venue.

What if I lose my card?

In order to keep tipping you will need to go back to your venue and have a new card issued.  It's important that you enter the same mobile number when registering a new card so that the old card can be linked to the new card and all data transferred to your new card from the original record.  Tippers can elect to merge accounts via an SMS link via the tipping terminal when a replacement card is required.  Venues can get some assistance by contacting [email protected].

How do I collect my winnings if I win a Sportspick National Prize?

Sportspick sends all major national end of competition prizes direct to the venue at which you have been registered into the competition.  Major competition prize cheques are drawn up on the first and third Friday of each month. Sportspick will advise you via phone call as to when you can collect your prize provided you have registered your contact details with us.
Minor weekly prizes will be sent direct to the venue and will usually be available for collection the following week depending on Aust Post delivery and location of your venue with respect to the Sportspick Head Office in Melbourne VIC.  Please allow 10-14 business days from date of draw for delivery of prize to venue.

How are local prize pools collected and allocated?

Venues can charge a local entry fee to participate in a tipping competition at the venue.  The entry fees will form the prize pool that will be distributed to registered eligible players at the local venue at the conclusion of the competition.  The venue will set, collect and manage the entry fees and determine percentages for the various prize categories offered at the local venue level.

Am I allowed to join multiple times?

You are only allowed to enter a Sportspick national tipping competition once.  One entry per person.  Multiple entries via the Sportspick App are not permitted.  A mobile number can only be registered to the Sportspick App on a single device.

Can I get the venue tip offer if I submit my tips online?

No, you must submit tips in venue via the tipping terminal or check-in to your venue if tipping via the app in order to receive a venue tip offer.  Tipping outside the venue means the in venue tipping offer is not available.

Why do I have to register?  

In order to submit limited rounds of Online tips and receive weekly results emails, we ask that your confirm your details we have on our system through a registration process.  If you have downloaded the Sportspick App you can submit tips via the App and do not need to register your member number on the website.  

Registering also helps us find you if you win any of the hundreds of weekly or end of season prizes we give away each year worth over $200,000.

Why can’t I register multiple cards with the same email or phone number? 

The login for the website and/or Sportspick mobile App requires you to enter either your card number with your mobile number.  As such we can only permit a mobile number to be assigned to a single registration.

As per section 8 of the Terms and Conditions, SportsPick allows one entry per person per competition.  For the restricted website tipping function, a unique mobile must be assigned to your website tips to ensure the tips are applied to the correct member card/competition entry.

I don’t have a mobile phone so how do I register?

You need to include a mobile phone number if you want to register on the website or mobile App.  If you dont have one and do not wish to provide it to us then you will need to tip and view scores at your local venue using the Sportspick member card.  You should provide a mobile number to receive important competition updates.  Sportspick will not send your mobile number or any other private information to any third parties.  Only communications relevant to the conduct of the tipping promotions will be sent when necessary.  

What if I want to register my kids under my details?

Each website registration must have a unique mobile number, you must register your child’s tipping entry with a unique mobile to receive results and use the website or mobile App off premise restricted tipping function.  Scores can also be viewed on the tipping terminal in venues if you elect not to register for the website or download the mobile App.

Why can’t I see my scores without registering?

To be able to grab and display your scores from our database we require that you register your details with us online. If you choose not to register online you can still access your scores on a tipping terminal in a Sportspick venue.